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This wiki contains articles about abysmal books, comics, and manga, and bad authors and publishers.

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Not all written material will be high quality masterpieces. There will be those books, comics, and manga series which are of low quality, due to bad writing, convoluted or generic plots, and just propaganda. The wiki will cover these bad books, manga, and comics, and also some very bad and/or very infamous authors, editors, and publishers.


Despite this wiki covering books, manga, and comic books, we will all call these books in this section.

  1. There are 2 important headings to use with each article: The Plot and Why It Sucks. The plot can be the summary of the book on a website or even on the back of the book itself. It can also be a complete plotline of the entire book.
  2. Pages cannot be added that are about books that only have spelling or grammar errors, unless there are major spelling or grammar errors that make it impossible to understand a whole chapter or more.
  3. Vandalizing articles in this wiki will result in you being permanently blocked from editing.
  4. Rude behavior is not allowed. If you are rude towards a user, expect to be blocked permanently.
  5. Try to make sure that sentences that you add actually readable.
  6. Reasons for deleted comments are: harassing other users, comments that make no sense, or having comments with propaganda.

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